Heroes interview: Jack Coleman and Dania Ramirez

Guess what? We got to interview Jack Coleman and Dania Ramirez of Heroes today! We'll have the full video ready for you guys later on, but in the meantime we wanted to share some choice nuggets of information. Here they are (beware of mild spoilers):

--Prepare to see more of Maya (Ramirez). The character will be showing a whole lot more skin this season, and her relationship with Mohinder is rolling down the highway to Sexytown!

--In addition to getting nast-ay with Mohinder, Maya will end up in what Ramirez describes as a "very sticky situation...literally." We're thinking Boston Molasses Disaster II: Darker Tide.

--Coleman's character, HRG, will find a very unlikely ally to join him on a mysterious "mission." Who could it be?!

--Lastly, it sounds like Claire is going to be kicking some behind this season! But don't worry--we've been reassured that she is not heading over to the dark side. She's just becoming a little more of a "badass."

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