Heroes Movie: Will it Happen?

... Will a long talked-about Heroes movie actually happen? One that can tie up loose storylines? One that can give the series a chance at redemption? One that will leave Heroes' fans with a sense of closure? Answer: No. [EW]

... Were you ready for some football!? Yes, you were very ready for some football as evidenced by last night's season opener being the most watched opener ever. Even though it was boring and both teams looked like they were in pre-season form. [Peter King's Twitter]

... Former House player Jennifer Morrison has landed on How I Met Your Mother as the latest love interest for the most boring TV character of all time, Ted Moseby. But this isn't just some fling; producers are touting Morrison's character Zooey as HUGE (in terms of importance, not girth). Could she be the titular Mother!? Obviously not. [EW]

... Glee is doing an homage to cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and producers have grabbed original Rocky cast members Meat Loaf ("Let me sleep on it, baaaaby baby!") and Barry Bostwick to guest star as TV station managers. Susan Sarandon also has expressed interest in participating. [E! Online]

... HBO's In Treatment is returning on October 25. This is one of those shows that everyone says is great and that I want to try out but never will. It needs more explosions. [Boston.com]

... Law & Order: SVU found a hot woman to play a new sexy Assistant District Attorney in Paula Patton. But then Patton got offered the lead in Mission Impossible 4, so she jumped on that. To replace her, producers found hot woman Melissa Sagemiller to play a new sexy ADA. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The Office will replace Michael Scott this season, but that doesn't necessarily mean the new boss will be the star. The current plan is to give each character the focus of their own episode, each displaying the characters' possible chances to become the new head of Dunder Mifflin. It's like a murder mystery but with more invoices for college-ruled paper. [The Live Feed]

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