Hey Hey back on Saturdays

This will either make you squeal with joy, or hold your head in your hands and beg for clemency.

After two reunion specials, a racial scandal and a limited-revival season, Hey Hey It's Saturday returns to Australian screens next week.

Since being cancelled in 1999, the variety show made a comeback -- twice -- in 2009. Although the show received excellent viewing figures, the now infamous "black face" sketch created an international outcry and the show was critically panned.

Regardless of the controversy, Nine ploughed ahead by commissioning a full season, which aired earlier this year on Wednesday evenings. The reincarnated format suffered a troubling first run, with disappointing ratings that failed to meet Nine's expectations as well as being unable to match the success of the specials.

The show was ultimately placed on hold over the winter period.

Hey Hey will now return to its original Saturday night slot in the hope it can relive the success of its glory days.

The show will see the return of host Daryl Somers as well as cast members Livinia Nixon, Red Symons, John Blackman, Russel Gilbert, Wilbur Wilde and the iconic Ossie Ostrich (Ernie Carroll).

Host Daryl Somers said of the scheduling change: "We've heard the message loud and clear -- viewers want to see Hey Hey back where it belongs on Saturday nights."

"We can't wait to get back to the time slot we enjoyed for so many years. Saturday nights are perfectly suited to the unscripted, unpredictable fun that Hey Hey is all about. Whether you're a family with young kids or on your way out to a party, we promise to offer our own unique brand of home-grown entertainment that everyone can enjoy."

Do you think Hey Hey is past its best before date or does its style of humour still have mass appeal?

Hey Hey It's Saturday returns 7:30pm Saturday, October 16 on Nine.

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Oct 05, 2010
It is so far past its best before date that it is filling the fridge with a revolting stench that will remain long after the show is mercifully cancelled. It should never have been revived, it was axed for a reason. It just shows the power of Facebook can be used for good and for evil.