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Hey, It's a New Season 3 The Walking Dead Trailer! (VIDEO)

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"It's already October?" Yep, and while that's bad news for people who haven't bought their Halloween decorations or only have until November to live, for The Walking Dead fans, it's grrrreat. We're just a week-and-a-half away from the Season 3 premiere, which is probably the most anticipated episode of the series since Season 1, thanks to Season 2's strong finish.

AMC has released a minute-long trailer with what I think is new footage of the survivors' future home base and enemies, but most importantly, the trailer features some zombies getting their heads crushed.

This is actually the first time I've heard David Morrissey speak as The Governor, and I like it! Let's see, there's also a very pregnant Lori trying to keep the baby in as she sprints away from a zombie horde, and what kind of gun is that in Rick's hand? Is that the same silencer-equipped firearm he had in the early promo art? Whatever it is, it and the melee weapons represent a tonal shift for the survivors, as they take the fight to the zombies. And hey look! T-Dog! I approve.

The Walking Dead returns October 14 at 9pm on AMC. OH BY THE WAY AMC IS NOT AVAILABLE ON DISH grumble grumble I'm so over this fight.

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