Hey TV.com, Should I Watch Ben and Kate?

Fellow TV watchers, we've already screened the pilot of Ben and Kate, the new Fox sitcom centered on a struggling single mom and her ne'er-do-well older brother. So is it worth your time? Here's a quick guide to help you figure out whether it's your kind of show.

What is Ben and Kate?

Ben and Kate is a semi-autobiographical, half-hour, single-camera sitcom written by Dana Fox about her unconventional relationship with her troublemaking older brother. Kate (Dakota Johnson) works at a local bar struggling to pay the bills for her young daughter while irresponsible older bro Ben (Nat Faxon, screenwriter of The Descendants) moves in and both creates and haphazardly solves various problems.

When does it premiere?

Ben and Kate debuts Tuesday, September 25 at 8:30pm on Fox.

Who's behind it?

Creator Dana Fox gained most of her TV experience as a producer on New Girl, but has worked as a screenwriter on the feature films Couples Retreat and What Happens in Vegas. Producer Peter Chernin used to be the big bossman of Fox, and currently produces Touch, New Girl, Breakout Kings, and the next Planet of the Apes movie.

Who's the target audience?

Ben and Kate was seemingly grown in a petri dish to appeal the same people who enjoy New Girl.

What's good about it?

The cast is sharp and talented (particularly Kate's British co-worker BJ, played by Lucy Punch), and the vibe is positive and heartfelt without getting too annoying. Kate's 5-year-old daughter is pretty darn cute also.

Are there any not-good parts I should know about?

So far Ben's very difficult to like; his irresponsible ways verge on Rain Man-esque mental problems. Ben's best friend Tommy (Echo Kellum) is a non-presence. And at least in the pilot, the story is incredibly predictable. All three of these problems could be easily fixed in future episodes.

Okay, but seriously, should I watch it?

Why not? It's likable. And seriously, Lucy Punch alone is worth the price of admission. Superstar in the making.

Do you have a clip or a trailer I can take a look at?

Here's BJ (Punch) giving Kate some VERY useful tips on sexiness:

Drink of choice for my Ben and Kate viewing experience?

Cheap beer: Nothing fancy, but it does the trick.

Ben and Kate debuts Tuesday, September 25 at 8:30pm on Fox.

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