Hey TV.com, Should I Watch Men At Work?

You've seen the trailers for TBS's Men At Work, and they've looked really bad! But we got to see the WHOLE pilot in advance, lucky us, and we're here to advise you on whether or not to watch it. (Hint: Don't bother.)

When does the show grace TV with its presence?

Men At Work debuts Thursday, May 24 with back-to-back episodes at 10pm on TBS.

Which fine thespians perform in this wonder?

This is the grand return to television for DJ Danny Masterson, who played Hyde on That '70s Show. It also stars James Lesure, who we supposedly last saw in the short-lived Mr. Sunshine, but we actually last saw in Las Vegas. Adam Busch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Warren, also stars. Rounding out the foursome of dudes is Michael Cassidy (The O.C., Smallville).

Whose creative brain did this show spring from?

Remember that guy who played the stoner skateboarder in Clueless and who now plays Franklin on Franklin & Bash? Yes! Breckin Meyer! Well, he created Men At Work. Former ABC entertainment chief Jamie Tarses is also credited as an executive producer.

What fantastic subject matter does Men At Work cover?

Milo, Gibbs, Tyler, and Neal are four twenty-something or thirty-something guys who work for a Maxim-esque men's magazine. After Milo is dumped by his girlfriend, his buddies help him get back into the dating scene. But really, this is just a dude buddy comedy. Milo is the everyman, Gibbs is the cool black guy, Neal is the cool white guy, and Tyler is the nerdy white guy. Look out, ladies.

Who was this show made for?

Bros, dude! Except it's so toothless with its laugh track that it comes off more as an old person's take on what young guys are like. Imagine if the editors of Rich Guy's Quarterly took over for the staff of Douchebags Magazine for an issue. Men at Work is the show that beats up the guys from The Big Bang Theory, but it doesn't have the charm the nerds do.

What are the show's redeeming qualities?

I'm still trying to figure that out. Oh! Amy Smart and Ethan Suplee make cameos in the first two episodes, so there's that.

Is there anything particularly bad about it?

Oh, just everything. Seriously, this show is not funny. At all. Okay, there was one crack about girls who tan too much, but I'm pretty sure it was stolen from somewhere else. Other than that, it's four guys acting like jerks while a laugh track overcompensates.

How about a final verdict? Should I watch or not?

Stay away from this at all costs, and please, keep it as far from your children as possible. One day Men at Work will be watched by aliens as justification for their decision to wipe us off of the face of the planet.

Can I sample the show in advance via trailer or something?

Proceed at your own risk.

Is there anything I should bring to my personal viewing party?

Bleach. For your eyeballs! And very sharp icepicks for your ears. And if you have a smell-o-vision set, just shove some cat poop in your nostrils; it'll smell better.

Men At Work, coming to TBS May 24 at 10pm!

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