Hey TV.com, Should I Watch Missing?

We've already watched the pilot for Missing, ABC's new mother-turns-into-a-badass-to-search-for-her-son drama, premiering tomorrow night. But is it worth your time? We've done our best to answer a few of the most pressing questions you might have about the show to help you decide whether or not to tune in.

When is it on?

Missing premieres tomorrow, Thursday, March 15, at 8pm on ABC.

Who's in it?

Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy) and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) are the big names attached, though Bean's character is dead (not a spoiler) so he only shows up in memories. Nick Eversman plays the missing son, and Adriano Giannini and Cliff Curtis play CIA agents who help Judd's character along the way.

Who's behind it?

Creator/executive producer/writer: Gregory Poirier. He's best known as the mind behind such movies as The Spy Next Door, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. He doesn't have a lot of TV under his belt (much less any action-thrillers geared for adults) but his co-executive producers Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo were both producers on Blue Bloods, so there's hope that they'll stay true to the genre.

What's it about?

Ten years ago, Becca's (Judd) eight year-old son Nick and her husband, Paul (Bean), took a vacation in Rome that took a turn for the worse: Paul wound up in an exploding car while Nick looked on in horror. (He was probably thinking: Noo! Not Sean Bean!) Jump forward a decade to Nick telling his mother that he's been accepted to an incredible architectural school... in Rome. She lets him go, but regrets the decision as soon as the school calls her to say that he's gone missing. She immediately boards a plane to Rome, and the hunt is on.

Why should I watch it?

If you've been looking for a show that could possibly fill the hole in your heart that 24 left behind, this could turn out to be a solid replacement. While not as stylistically advanced, Missing promises a lot of action, both in terms of hand-to-hand combat and moped chases through Italy.

Who will like Missing?

Unpretentious audiences who care more about action sequences than the realistic feasibility of the events taking place. Also those who prefer fight scenes over character development. Oh, and also those who are easily touched whenever a mother weeps diligently about her son whenever she finds a clue. So, basically, my dad would love this show.

Are there any drawbacks I should know about?

Sure. Most will rely on your suspension of disbelief, to be honest. In some cases it felt like Becca was able to stumble onto clues too easily or quickly. And the fact that she's been out of the CIA for ten years but wasn't even the slightest bit rusty felt far-fetched. I also wasn't sold on Curtis' performance as Dax Miller after the pilot.

Okay, okay, but should I watch it, really?

Um, sure. We're only one episode in and it is a mystery, after all. Who doesn't love a mystery? With all that we get out of cliffhangers, plot twists, and clue mongering, it's hard to advise audiences against it. Just know that the mystery you're about to embark on is riddled with imperfections and character flaws. The fight scenes are pretty good, at least!

What should I have on hand at my premiere party?

A gun.

Just kidding. But you'll definitely want to garnish your coffee table with some Italian treats, since the show takes place in Rome. Think prosciutto and fancy mozzarella cheese. Or, you know, PIZZA. Invite your ten favorite adrenaline-addicted friends over and throw things (mini replicas of the Statue of David are advised) at the walls every time a fight scene goes down. Or, grab a couple of cases of Peroni and chug a bottle every time Ashley Judd breaks down in tears. Fun times!

Will you be tuning in tomorrow night? Let us know in the comments!

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