Hey TV.com, Should I Watch Newsreaders?

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The 12-minute shows on Adult Swim are multiplying, and with the ADHD epidemic plaguing today's youth and television bloggers, it's exactly what we need to take the next step toward the inevitable one-minute show. Or, as I call it, "television perfection." Until then, we'll just have to focus Adult Swim's latest shortform comedy, Newsreaders. I've spent all of 22 minutes of my valuable workday watching the first two episodes, and I'm here to give you some advice on whether or not to tune in.

What is Newsreaders about?

It's a spin-off of Childrens Hospital! If you've seen Rob Corddry's goof on medical dramas, then perhaps you've already seen Newsreaders as the basis for a few special episodes. Mather Zickel stars as Louis La Fonda, an investigative journalist who digs for scoops and claims victory when interview subjects leave the room in disgust. It's a very silly show.

When does Newsreaders premiere?

Like all of Adult Swim's best shows, this one is for night owls or DVR show hoarders; it debuts at midnight on Thursday, January 17. Which is technically Friday, January 18.

Who created the show?

It's from the same brains behind Childrens Hospital: Rob Corddry, David Wain, and Jonathan Stern, which gives it a lot of the same sense of humor.

Who’s the target audience?

I guess the easy thing to say is that Newreaders is for people who are baked out of their skulls, but really, it's for anyone looking for silly, smart, edgy comedy from the best of the comedy scene. Men, women, mermaids, mermen, and transgendered fish people should all like it.

What’s good about the show?

Newsreaders is essentially a sketch show in a fake-news-magazine format, but it's what the show does with its sketches that sets it apart from others. It's always willing to go in an unpredictable direction, never staying in the same place to beat the same joke for too long. For example, the premiere episode starts off with a pair of college kids making porn in vans and ends up being an expose on the auto industry's control of Hepatitis and other nasty things. Plus Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) is hilarious as the old man bitching about kids today in a regularly featured editorial segment. Plus great guest-stars! Briah Posehn, Kate Walsh, Dan Rather, and more appear in the first two episodes, and they're all game for the bizarre humor.

What isn't so great about it?

Ummm... it's not long enough?

Okay okay, do I watch or not?

Yes. DVR it. Watch it live. Whatever you have to do. Let the episodes pile up and marathon 'em a month from now. Just watch it.

Can I see a trailer?

Or you can see the whole first episode NOW!

What should I drink while watching this?

Lots of water. Gotta stay hydrated, bro.

Newsreaders debuts Thursday, January 17 at midnight (technically Friday morning) on Adult Swim.

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