History Channel hits road, battles dinosaurs

The History Channel has ordered five weekly primetime series dealing with such diverse topics as Alaskan survival techniques, globe-trotting martial-arts adventures, and prehistoric dinosaur battles.

Shows in production for a 2007 or 2008 premiere:

* Ice Road Truckers centers on a group of long-haul truckers in northernmost North America who race against time as they carry mined raw materials over hundreds of miles of thinning ice roads cut across the surface of frozen lakes (eight episodes).

* The Universe uses computer graphics to explore the universe, showing what life would be like on other planets and imagining what kind of life-forms might evolve in alien atmospheres. Episodes also examine how discoveries in space were made and the scientists and explorers who ventured into the universe's uncharted territory (13 episodes).

* Tougher in Alaska aims to show how hard it is to live in the Last Frontier. The series shows how--both historically and today--people have learned to overcome challenges brought on by extreme cold and isolation (13 episodes).

* Human Weapon centers on mixed martial arts, featuring masters in martial arts and showing how different nations gave birth to those arts (13 episodes).

* Jurassic Fight Club spotlights battles between prehistoric beasts, giving insight into how the animals used quick thinking and maneuverability in those fights (10 episodes).

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"The Universe" sounds like it's right up my alley!
This sounds like pretty good stuff.
some of them sound cool

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