Hole in the Wall Isn't Dead!

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... Hole in the Wall, that wacky Japanese import referred to as Human Tetris, had a short life on network television before being buried. But now it's coming back, and its new home is... Cartoon Network? Whaaaa? The misnamed network is reviving the show with more of a family theme (think Double Dare) by pitting two teams of families against each other. Hey, there's stupider stuff on TV, so why not? [The Live Feed]

... Well, well, well. It seems that the cast of Jersey Shore isn't so stupid. The fake Italians have been holding out for better contracts and more cash and even threatened to go on strike—and it appears that MTV is ready to negotiate. The cast members asked for a raise to $30,000 per episode for Season 3 (up from $10,000 in Season 2) and MTV has countered with something close to that number. The fact that Snooki makes WAY more money than I do is... I don't wanna talk about it, okay??? [The Live Feed]

... Ice-T got arrested for driving with a suspended license. F--- the police, man. [TMZ]

... Patricia Heaton is reuniting with her Everybody Loves Raymond mother-in-law, Doris Roberts, on The Middle. The adorable Roberts (she's every bit as awesome as Betty White, if not better) will play a hard-nosed teacher to Brick. Raymond got a lot of crap for being a generic sitcom, but you know what? It really wasn't all that bad. I approve of this casting. [EW]

... Jason Street QB1! Scott Porter, who played Street on Friday Night Lights, will be joining The Good Wife next season as Kalinda's rival private investigator. This is excellent news... Porter's fantastic and The Good Wife is a solid show. This is a much better career move for him than that weird backpacking CIA show he was involved with. [EW]

... The chaos with CBS' Chaos pilot continues, as things are apparently looking up for the FBI drama. It was recently thought to be dead, but has found new life. Yeah, I don't know what it's really about either, give me a break. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Overrated TV personality Olivia Munn is continuing on her road to overexposure with a guest stint on Chuck. Munn will play a CIA agent who is pretty. I'll admit that she does "pretty" well. [EW]

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