Homeland Renewed for Season 2

What's the best new series of the 2011 fall season? Whitney? Hart of Dixie? Unforgettable? No, no, and no. It's Showtime's Homeland. And unlike those other shows, it's definitely coming back for Season 2.

Showtime officially picked up the thriller for a second, 12-episode season today, after Sunday's episode hit a series high. Homeland started off as the premium network's most-watched new drama series, with 4.4 million viewers across various platforms (the pilot episode was distributed online for free).

This is fantastic news for the drama, which stars Claire Danes in a powerhouse performance as CIA agent Carrie Mathison, a driven (and totally cuckoo) woman who believes a recently returned prisoner of war (Damian Lewis, who's also awesome in his role) switched sides while he was being held captive and is now working for terrorists. It's based on the Israeli miniseries Prisoner of War.

Renewals are usually met with open arms, but Homeland may be a different matter. Since the core of the show is determining whether Lewis's character is, in fact, a terrorist, the premise seems better suited for a miniseries. Can Carrie's investigation really provide enough meat to last 24 episodes? He either is or he isn't. Apparently, Showtime thinks Homeland has enough stories to tell for at least two seasons, and recent episodes have expanded the show's universe for the better. I love it to death, but even I'm not so sure giving it a long lifetime is a good idea.

How long do you think Homeland should last? Or do you think it would be better as a miniseries?

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