House Finally Acknowledges the Resemblance Between Foreman and Mike Tomlin

You're welcome, internet. Ever since he took the Pittsburgh Steelers head coaching job in 2007, Mike Tomlin has been known for two things: Winning football games, and looking like Omar Epps. Type "Mike Tomlin Omar Epps" into Google and you'll see it's a suggested search, which means their lookalike-ness is basically certified fact. Last night on House, the writers finally acknowledged the similarity, and the look on Foreman's face was priceless.

But many questions remain. Has anyone ever seen Epps and Tomlin in the same place at the same time? Is Mike Tomlin moonlighting as an actor on an Emmy-winning megahit or was Omar Epps' appearance in The Program more of a documentary kind of thing? Conspiracy! (Clip via KSK)