House: Good Riddance, Cameron!

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Hallelujah! After five years and too many earnest, teary criticisms of House to count, Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) left House last night. She parted ways with Chase and gave House a teary farewell—and I jumped for joy.

The back story, of course, is that Cameron was the only female member of House's original diagnostic team. She fell in love with House early in the show's history, mistakenly thinking she could cure him of his narcissism. Thankfully, the pairing never took; Cameron was a rookie with a bit of a daddy complex and a desperate need to solve other people's problems, and House snubbed her. When the old team fell apart at the end of Season 3, Cameron stepped out of the spotlight and took another position at Princeton-Plainsboro. But alas, she didn't stay away. Early this season, after House's trip to the asylum, the old diagnostic team—Cameron and her now-husband Chase included—returned to help with his cases. Last night, after finding out that Chase had murdered a patient, Cameron began to unravel—and finally, she quit.

I've never liked earnest characters, and Cameron was particularly offensive. She was like a stubborn child, throwing tantrums to get people to listen to her. As House's colleagues learned to ignore his trademark insults and one-liners, Cameron insisted on calling him out on how cruel he was. (Patients have feelings, too!) She nitpicked, pointed out obvious faults, and at times acted more like a badgering ex-lover than an employee. And, given that the show is about a genius who ignores social norms regardless of what anyone else thinks—particularly a lowly employee—Cameron was always an awkward fit. Her self-righteous condemnations of House's interactions with patients made her nearly unbearable to watch.

Because in the end, House will always be about the complex mind of Dr. Gregory House. Whether he's working at Princeton-Plainsboro or stuffed away in a mental institution, the show is at its best when it focuses on him. The characters that surround House serve to help define his character, and their story lines should affect the show only as far as they impact him. It's House's hospital—everyone else just works in it.

But what do you think? In a recent interview with EW, Morrison said she didn't know why she was written out of the show, and since her character wasn't killed off, there's always a chance we might see Cameron again. Would you welcome her back or are you glad she's gone?

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