How Do Lost Fans Feel About Terry O'Quinn on Hawaii Five-0?

Hawaii Five-O

On the one hand, the trailer below should get your heart racing. It’s John Locke! Back on a remote tropical island! With Jin! It’s just like Lost! Except wait–who invited Scott from Entourage? And then, like a surfboard in the face, you’re reminded that this, in fact, is not Lost at all, but rather another big-budget procedural from CBS. There should be a word for the disorienting feeling you get when your favorite Lost stars pop up on other projects–like when Jorge “Hurley” Garcia showed up on Mr. Sunshine.

Which isn’t to knock Hawaii Five-0. It does what it does and it does it quite well. It’s just not Lost. I find it a little hard to imagine hardcore Lost fans even getting particularly excited about Five-0. So this is an informal poll. Please fill out the following questionnaire and return it to us ASAP via our comments section.

1. Would you describe yourself as a hardcore Lost fan?
2. Are you also a Hawaii Five-0 fan?
3. Is there one you prefer? Can you even compare the two, or is it apples and oranges?
4. Is Terry O’Quinn’s return to TV something that excites you?
5. Would this be your first choice for a comeback vehicle for O’Quinn? If not, what would be your dream show? (Fall 2011 shows included.)

That’s it! Our operators are standing by.

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