How I Met Your Mother: Ranking Ted's Many Romances

Over the course of How I Met Your Mother's seven seasons (to date), Ted Mosby has been involved with a lot of ladies—25, actually, based on my count. Some of them we actually believed could be the future Mrs. Mosby... but most of them were just blips in Ted’s dating life. If HIMYM's upcoming eighth season winds up being the show’s last, we’re finally going to meet the mother we’ve been promised. Let’s look back at the many women Ted has wooed over the past seven years who aren’t the show's titular mother and categorize them accordingly, from "never had a chance" to "could've been the one."

How I Met Your Mother: Ted's Many Girlfriends

Which of Ted's past loves has been your favorite?

How I Met Your Mother returns for Season 8 on Monday, September 24 at 8pm on CBS.

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