How Much Stuff is Starz's Torchwood Going to Blow Up? (VIDEO)

With Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Camelot under its belt in the original programming department, cable channel Starz isn't afraid to turn up the sensationalism dial. Typically, if a show has "Starz" on its front cover, you can expect rippling pecs, bare breasts, and dismemberments. And why not? It's premium cable.

That might not be the exact case for the network's upcoming sci-fi drama Torchwood: Miracle Day, but the new show won't be sleepy, either. The latest promo from Starz places an emphasis on the series' action—and features an unholy combination of helicopter explosions, leaps from tall buildings, semi-automatic firearms, and (the relatively tame by comparison) lethal injection.

Also: For those of you worried that main character Captain Jack Harkness' sexuality will be toned down for American audiences, don't fret: He'll still be keen to get down with both women and men, according to actor John Barrowman.

Do you think the partnership between the BBC and Starz is moving the series in the right direction?

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