How to Be a Gentlemen Is Effectively Canceled

How to Be a Gentleman just got a rude awakening. CBS has shut down production on the comedy even though only two episodes have made it to air. But rather than outright cancel the show, the network is moving it to Saturday nights, where it swap places with Rules of Engagement (Rules will eventually take over How to Be a Gentleman's Thursday-night time slot). With production on the series halted, only what's already in the can will make it to air—reportedly about nine episodes.

A repeat of The Big Bang Theory will take How to Be a Gentleman's spot next Thursday, and the next new episode of How to Be a Gentleman will air Saturday, October 15 at 8:30pm. Rules of Engagement will now kick off its sixth season on Thursday, October 20 at 8:30pm.

Everyone and their moms knew something like this was coming as soon as CBS announced its wacko plan to air new episodes of Rules of Engagement on Saturdays. It was pretty obvious that the network's Saturday time slot would serve as a holding pen for Rules of Engagement until another one of CBS' half-hour comedies failed. But I'm not sure anyone thought it would happen this soon.

Of course, the big question here at is, "How will this news affect the Dead Pool?" Since How to Be a Gentleman hasn't technically been canceled, it falls into the gray area of officials' decision. Here's the rule from the original Dead Pool post:

A show is considered canceled if it gets pulled from the schedule, never to return again. However, networks like to pretend shows aren't canceled in order to protect their image, so your trusty editors will have the final say on whether a show is canceled or not. It's pretty easy to tell.

The deciding factor in this situation is that CBS has stopped production on the series. If the show had simply been moved to a new slot, this would be a more difficult call. Final official decision: How to Be a Gentleman has been canceled. Since it only lasted two episodes, it's worth 11 points (13 - 2 = 11).

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