How to Upgrade Tosh.0

There are a lot of “chiseled host stands in front of a green screen as funny clips play behind him with commentary” shows on nowadays. The Soup is the obvious leader, and Web Soup is a rockin’ good time as well. Relative newcomer Tosh.0, on Comedy Central, has a lot going for it—but why does it feel like the show should be so much better than it is?

Probably because there’s way too much damn commentary. Daniel Tosh is funny, but if he’s going to host what’s essentially a weekly celebration of the internet, the clips themselves should be the focus. Yet for every, I dunno, five-second clip he shows, he makes at least five comments about it. He amps up the pace in a weekly “Web Breakdown” segment (going second-by-second with witty bits) and another segment in which he spends 20 seconds making as many funny retorts as he can about a video. One or two of the jokes land, and the rest feel extraneous. Tosh could easily talk less and show more videos just by making a simple trim.

Another option would be to play up the show's unexpected twists on web culture. Tosh's weekly “Web Redemption” segment is hysterical (though once again it's more successful when Tosh isn’t the only one making the funny, as was the case last night with the turtle kid). Also great are the videos he occasionally does trying to recreate internet memes. It always feels like Tosh.0 never really gets going until the “Web Redemption” kicks in.

I’ve never had G4 before, so I only recently caught my first-ever episode of Web Soup, and was blown away. Host Chris Hardwick gets really into each video and even dances around with giddy happiness at how watching them makes him feel. Some of the clips are longer, some are shorter, but they’re always set-up succinctly and summed up thusly. Web Soup lacks the raw sketch energy of “Web Redemption” and Tosh’s other original videos, but I don’t get the sense from Tosh that he’s all that enthused about the videos themselves. No commentary is going to ever be as funny as the source material, and once Tosh.0 figures that out, his show going to be awesome.

Do you think Tosh.0 would be funnier if it focused more on the videos it features, or do you like the show the way it is?

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