Howie Mandel hospitalized

Making television is a grueling process, and when you have the energy of a hummingbird hopped up on pixy stix (like Howie Mandel does), it can be downright dangerous. Mandel was rushed to the hospital yesterday while filming scenes for his new show Howie Do It, reports The Associated Press.

The problem stemmed from an irregular heartbeat that a doctor detected earlier in the day, according to TMZ, during a routine physical that was administered to the entire cast. The doc prescribed some medication, which was supposed to taken with food in the stomach. Howie reportedly skipped eating, but took the medicine anyway.

Early reports claimed that Mandel suffered a heart attack, but that isn't the case. Mandel was released from Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital and plans to return to work on Wednesday.

In addition to his new show Howie Do It, Mandel is best known for his role as host of the game show Deal or No Deal.

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