Hulk and family make reality debut

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The Osbournes have officially left the airwaves, but the gaping hole in "celebreality" as we know it won't be vacant for long. A blonder, tanner, trashier family will soon fill the gap left by Ozzy and company when Hogan Knows Best comes to TV.

Terrence Gene Bollea, known to the world as the 6-foot-8-inch, 302-pound wrestling star Hulk Hogan, will star in VH1's newest reality show. The series will take viewers out of the wrestling arena and into Hogan's Florida home, where he follows his own path of bumbling fatherhood. Hogan struggles to deal with faithful but feisty wife Linda, car-obsessed son Nick, and aspiring pop star daughter Brooke, who is sprinting headfirst into young womanhood.

The first episode of Hogan Knows Best gives us examples of the parenting trials that the Hulkster must face each day. The ostensibly pure and sheltered Brooke--just 16 years old--is asked out on her first date by a college boy of 22. Linda manages to talk Hogan into letting her go, but the beleaguered dad can't control his protective urges and plants a GPS tracking device in his daughter's car. The results may be Hogan's greatest challenge yet!

Hogan Knows Best, which is already available through Comcast ON DEMAND, will make its VH1 premiere on Sunday, July 10, at 10pm ET/PT.

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