Hulu teams up with FremantleMedia

Hulu and FremantleMedia Enterprises have signed an agreement regarding the international distribution of Hulu-commissioned TV series.

Despite our initial hopes, this doesn't mean that the free Hulu or subscription Hulu Plus online TV services will be unblocked in Australia anytime soon.

The agreement between the two companies is a "first-look deal", giving Fremantle the first right of refusal over international distribution rights to any Hulu-produced TV series. If Fremantle chooses to exercise its right to a series, then it can cut deals to screen the series in a country on any platform, be it free-to-air TV, subscription TV or online.

A Day in the Life is Hulu's first original TV-length show, and, thanks to this deal, potentially the first to air in Australia. The series, created by Morgan Spurlock, spends a day tracking the movements and goings-on of famous or important people, such as Sir Richard Branson and the Black Eyed Peas'

Upcoming shows that are set to debut on Hulu soon include Battleground, a dramedy about the world of political campaigning, and the travel series Up to Speed.

Via CNET and MarketWire

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Mar 12, 2012
until such a service is opened up to Australians then the FTA networks which treat viewers with contempt by scheduling methods are going to keep doing what they do

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