Human Target and Lie to Me Survive

... Yeah yeah, you clicked find out more about Kendra's sex tape. But first: Someway, somehow, Fox has managed to renew both Human Target and Lie to Me, two shows that were supposedly competing for one spot on the schedule. Both shows are expected to get a 13-episode season, which will make it easier for Fox to cancel them next season when Seth MacFarlane poops out another idea for a TV show. Also! If you're interested, I'm keeping track of all the network shows that have been renewed or canceled here. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The roller coaster that is Heroes' chance at renewal is on a downswing again, as NBC is said to be so in love with its new slate of shows that Heroes is no longer looking like a candidate. It's been rumored that the show will get a 13-episode final season to wrap things up, but now the superhero drama could be given a charitable wrap-up with a two-hour made-for-TV movie. Ouch. [Vulture]

... FX is making a domestic version of Australian comedy Wilfred, which I've never seen but looks awesome. It's about a man, his girlfriend, and her dog—who happens to be a man in a giant furry dog suit. And he talks. And drinks. And smoke pot. There's no way FX could possibly ruin this, and because I just said that, I bet FX will ruin it. [Variety]

... IFC has canceled Z Rock, whatever that is. []

... Elton John was offered $33 million to take over for Simon Cowell on American Idol, but Sir Elton turned down the offer because what the heck does Elton need more money for? The guy spends more cash on kooky sunglasses than England spends on its entire dental industry. In other news, American Idol stands no chance of staying relevant once Simon leaves. [Access Hollywood]

... This year's Emmy nominations presenters will be Community's Joel McHale and Modern Family's Sofia Vergara. Usually, the choice of presenters portends the nominations themselves, as both presenters typically earn nominations and act all shocked about it. But I don't see these two getting nominated... do you? [Deadline Hollywood]

... And in developing sex tape news, former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson apparently has a sex tape (old news) from when she was 18 that possibly stars more than one partner. So why am I telling you this? Because now there are screencaps! [Technically SFW-ish WWTDD]

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