Huntington joins Cavemen as series revamps

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Sam Huntington has been tapped to star in ABC's much-talked-about upcoming comedy series Cavemen. Inspired by the popular Geico insurance commercials, the series is undergoing some retooling before it goes on air.

Huntington will play a new caveman character, Andy, the younger brother of Joel (Bill English). Andy, who lives in their small hometown, comes to Atlanta to visit his brother after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Andy will replace Jamie, Joel's easygoing little brother character, played in the pilot by Dash Mihok.

Cavemen will continue to revolve around three modern cavemen--Joel, Joel's younger brother, and Joel's cynical best friend, Nick (Nick Kroll)--as they struggle to fit into society.

The ABC Studios-produced Cavemen will not launch with the pilot but with another yet-to-be-filmed first episode, which is said to be delving more into the cavemen's backstories.

The original pilot (with Jamie's scenes reshot) is expected to air later in the season.

Huntington, who played Jimmy Olsen in Warner Bros. Pictures' Superman Returns, voiced one of the lead characters in Fox's animated comedy pilot Two Dreadful Children this past development season. He appears next in the Weinstein Co.'s Fanboys.

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