Hustle's Finale Puts Albert in the Spotlight

TV grifters don’t come more reliable than Albert Stroller. He’s contributed to every con since Hustle debuted in 2004, and remains seemingly unabashed that he’s typecast into all the boring, old man roles. For the most part this season Albert’s been overlooked by his perky, pro-active counterparts--you’d be forgiven for thinking dowdy barman Eddie had taken his place--but this Friday’s finale (9pm, BBC1) cements his place in the group.

Albert (Robert Vaughn) is finally given some decent screen time this Friday, in an episode almost entirely dedicated to him. While most of the team are distracted by a ridiculous plot, about stolen diamonds and the mafia, Albert takes personal leave to contemplate some life-changing news, given to him from an old acquaintance (played by Hannah Gordon).

Strangely it seems as if us viewers are the only ones who remember how, a fortnight ago, the Hustlers were almost fooled by a so-called friend who faked his own death. The new faces we meet are trusted without question, because they have similar history with the team. For professional liars this gang is pretty gullible!

Does this mean they'll get shafted again? You'll have to watch to find out. One thing’s for sure though; the gang are more united by the end of this episode than at any other point this season. We've got a funny feeling this won't last if/when the show's renewed though.

Particular highlights to look out for include...
...The phrase “mother-bluffing hand”.
...Some giant wine glasses.
...A special appearance by Keeping up Appearance’s Clive Swift.
...The way Albert waves down cabs.

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Feb 17, 2011
can't wait - although didn't realise it was the season finale already!! sad times :(

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