I Met The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola (VIDEO)

Guys, I met Candice Accola. That's right, Caroline Forbes herself sat two feet away from me and answered my questions! On camera! And she was really funny and nice! That's not really all that shocking, though... Certainly not as shocking as the fact that I MET CANDICE ACCOLA!

Two things: My camera work is bad. YOU try holding a Flipcam steady while Candice Accola's looking you square in the eye! It's not like getting away with murder in Mystic Falls, it's HARD. So please do forgive my wobbly camera work. I'm not perfect. I'm not Mr. Steven Spielberg over here, I'm just some photo recapper who had an opportunity to meet the actress who plays his favorite character on his favorite TV show.

In this first video I ask Candice what it's like playing the best character on TVD, how much of her own personality shows up in Caroline's dialogue, and how she answers questions about her character without really knowing what's in store.

This second clip amounts to an extended outtake in which I ask a really inappropriate question: Why isn't Candice Accola in more movies? I definitely intended the question to be funnier than it came across (nervous!), but watch as Candice deflects what would be an awkward query for any up-and-coming actor and lets us in on how she and her co-stars razz each other about work they aren't as proud of. This lady is charming.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8pm on The CW.

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