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Idol Extra has Ace Young up its sleeve

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Ace Young has spent much of his post-American Idol time trying to cash in on his fifteen minutes, appearing on various talk shows, reality shows, and even an episode of Bones. Now he finally has a gig that will last longer than a few minutes.

The curly-haired crooner has been tapped as the host of the Fox Reality Channel program American Idol Extra, which is basically a quick fix for Idol addicts (they need their fix, man!) when the show isn't on the air. It covers the background of contestants and holds interviews with recently booted hopefuls.

Joining Ace will be Jillian Reynolds (nee Barberie), who has bounced around several Fox properties, including their sports coverage. This year's Idol Extra will be shot from the American Idol stage for the first time. This season will premiere March 26.

Young was featured in the fifth season of American Idol and finished in seventh place.

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