Idol's Cook OK after hospital visit

American Idol fans expect to see the show's contestants sing their hearts out on stage, but no one expects one of them to burst open a ventricle.

Singer David Cook, the rocker who often takes the stage with his guitar, once again proved himself a contender for the American Idol title when he belted out Dolly Parton's "Little Sparrow" last night. In doing so, he also proved himself a candidate for blood-pressure-lowering pharmaceuticals.

Cook was whisked away to the hospital after experiencing heart palpitations and showing signs of extremely high blood pressure, reports After being treated with medication by a private doctor, the future star was released and sent on his way with a pending follow-up scheduled for today.

TMZ says Cook has been under lots of stress because of family problems (his brother is battling cancer), and this isn't the first time his American Idol performance has been jeopardized because of anxiety. He'll endure a bit more stress when American Idol votes off another contestant at the conclusion of tonight's episode.

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