If Happy Endings Winds Up Canceled, ABC Plans to Blame You, Says the Show's Latest Promo (VIDEO)

Happy Endings both returns from hiatus and and makes its move to Fridays next week, taking over ABC's 8pm-to-9pm hour that's being vacated by Last Man Standing and Malibu Country (which both air their season finales tomorrow). The show will air back-to-back episodes each week, in what we've all assumed to be an effort by the network to usher the series out the door. But a new promo intended to publicize the show's return seems to be sending a (slightly) different message: 

And that message is basically, "We're still planning to cancel this thing, UNLESS ya'll rally and watch it. So... your move, internet." 

Of course, there are two ways to look at this:

1) Sure, "You can save Happy Endings," isn't the most delicate call to action, but if it gets people to watch and keeps Happy Endings on the air, that's a good thing, right?


2) This is just a way to try to ease the inevitable pain/pass the the blame when the show bites the dust. And it will bite the dust.

What do YOU think?

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