If The Office Is to Continue, Who Should Inherit the Kingdom?

Though it’s probably smart to end The Office’s run when Steve Carell leaves after next season, there’s always the chance NBC will want to remain in Scranton. The network’s not one to abandon shows that are doing well enough, even when it's time to say goodbye. (Look how long it took to finally give Heroes the axe.) So if the show must go on, here are my thoughts on the heirs to Michael Scott's throne:

Dwight Schrute

Pro: He’s rife with the social obliviousness of his predecessor, and supremely paranoid that others are gunning for his top spot. Hijinks… oh, you’d better believe they’ll ensue.
Con: We have yet to really see him “lead,” despite (sort of) having a position of authority for a while. Even Michael Scott had his moments, and unless the task at hand has something to do with beet farm maintenance, I doubt Dwight has the smarts to get things done.

Jim Halpert

Pro: He’s already had the job, and his desire to remain friends with his underlings while trying to exert authority created some nice tension.
Con: It was a good joke that got old quick. Jim needs free reign to pull some mischief, especially with Pam. Plus, there’s only so much smug I can take.

Ryan Howard

Pro: Go-getter, smooth talker, fashionable glasses-wearer.
Con: Remember the time he got arrested?

Andy Bernard

Pro: He's a likable guy who’s not too bad at his job. He can serenade the office with his one man a Capella and entertain them with sweet “Evolution Of Dance” moves—silently.
Con: Personal issues bring him way down, and I’d expect he’d spend most of the show bummed out of his mind. Sadness doesn’t beget great comedy.

Darryl Philbin

Pro: What’s not to like? He’s a fair and respected boss with a calming presence, and it’s only a matter of time until he rises through the ranks.
Con: C’mon, do you really think he’d go for it?

Some random newcomer

Pro: It’d bring some freshness to the seven-season monster, and give many of the characters a reason to come out of their shells.
Con: The show has built itself up on the shoulders of its characters, and a new person might just throw everything out of whack. If the show is going to continue, best not to shake it up TOO much.

Creed Bratton

We have a winner.

Who would you choose for the role of Dunder-Mifflin-Sabre's Scranton-based top dog?

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