If You Haven't Already, Give Cougar Town Another Shot

Once upon a time, Cougar Town was a superficial show starring Courteney Cox as a lonely fortysomething who pranced around and roped in younger men with her low-cut tank tops and tales of “life experience.” Then she happened upon her similarly-aged neighbor, Grayson (Josh Hopkins), and the show evolved into a legitimate, feel-good sitcom. No, really. I’m not kidding.

Cougar Town is a great show, and it showed no signs of a sophomore slump in Wednesday’s Season 2 premiere. A few inside jokes from the first season (i.e., finger guns, Penny Can) returned, the gang got right to work in creating a few new ones (movie-title mashups FTW!), and the plot contained just the right amount of sentimentality. The episode also set up a few key things that, presumably, Season 2 will explore: Jules and Grayson getting serious, Travis going off to college, Bobby dealing with his feelings for Jules, and Laurie dealing with being the youngest member of her group of friends.

Plus, Jennifer Aniston was there, being all sassy. As overexposed as I think she is, it’s hard to deny her on-screen chemistry with Cox. They know what they’re doing together, and she was pretty funny as Jules’ weird therapist. Cougar Town is, quite simply, the latest physical manifestation of whatever goes on in Bill Lawrence’s brain. And judging from Spin City and Scrubs, his brain seems like a pretty fun place.

If you hate Cox, I can’t help you. But if all you hate is the name of the show, join the club. Cox herself said the title is really stupid, so get over it and tune in—what else were you planning to watch after Modern Family, anyway?

What did you think of the Season 2 premiere?

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