Imaginary TV: 10 Shows-Within-Shows We Wish Were Real

Last week's episode of Community featured two awesome-sounding fake TV shows—Cougarton Abbey and Inspector Spacetime—that we found ourselves wishing we could watch in real life. Which of course got us thinking, "What other fake TV shows from within real TV shows do we wish were actual shows?" Behold:

MILF Island from 30 Rock

Twenty-five super-hot moms, fifty eighth-grade boys, and no rules, plus Rob Huebel as a Jeff Probstian host. We're with Pete on this one: must-watch.

Cookie Party! from The Sarah Silverman Program

Sarah and Laura Silverman’s favorite show appears to be a cookie-baking competition that's sort of like Top Chef on acid (and a bunch of other drugs). Fun fact: Sarah Silverman Program co-creator Rob Schrab plays Cookie Party! host Mini Coffee.

Hearts 'n Scalpels from Nip/Tuck

A medical show for people who think Grey's Anatomy is too subtle, Hearts 'n Scalpels stars Aidan Stone (Bradley Cooper) as sexy plastic surgeon Dr. Clift.

Mock Trial with J. Reinhold from Arrested Development

This one started out as a simple courtroom show about a judge named Judge Reinhold—played, naturally, by real-life actor Judge Reinhold. But once washed-up American Idol wannabe and pop-culture curiosity William Hung came on-board as the leader of the house band, William Hung and his Hung Jury, so did we.

Single Female Lawyer from Futurama

We're not talking the "actual" Single Female Lawyer that Lrrr from Omicron Persei-8 loved so much, we're talking Fry's interpretation of the Ally McBeal ripoff. Chock full of drama clichés, Leela's plastic eye falling off her face, and Bender's gripping reinterpretation of the theme song, it would probably be better than what Futurama has become.

Itchy and Scratchy from The Simpsons

A classic! In the world of The Simpsons, the cat-and-mouse cartoon is somehow deemed acceptable for children, who find the sadistic violence within it hysterical. We think it'd be a perfect addition to Adult Swim's lineup.

Exposé from Lost

One of the worst episodes of Lost not involving Jack on vacation in Southeast Asia actually featured something pretty cool: a faux-show about strippers who solve crimes. We repeat: Strippers. Who solve crimes. The glimpse we saw through Lost left us with a doozy of a cliffhanger: Did the mystery of Mr. LaShade's (Billy Dee Williams) secret identity, The Cobra, remain a mystery, or did Autumn and Crystal, ahem, expose him as the bad guy? And just who the heck is The Scorpion!?!? Find out on the next episode of Exposé, which will never air!

Celebrity Zillions from Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Watching celebrities (or convincing facsimiles) scramble for money that's being thrown by a Tony Clifton-esque "Zillionaire" suspended above them would be plenty entertaining. But the icing on the cake is that bald referee who shrieks like a cat.

Invitation to Love from Twin Peaks

During the first season of Twin Peaks, the fictional soap opera Invitation to Love was featured in every episode. Like Itchy and Scratchy, the fictional soap contained themes and motifs from *actual* Twin Peaks episodes. If we could Lynch-out daily to a soap opera this involved, we... probably would.

The Valley from The O.C.

The O.C.'s constant flirtation with the meta lead to its introduction of The Valley, the never-seen but often mentioned teen drama that all the characters watched... and which sounded absolutely ridiculous. While Summer and Seth exchanged charming bedroom repartee, their counterparts on The Valley seemed to be engaging in sub-90210 levels of poor decision-making (even worse than Marissa's). Essentially a running joke, the existence of The Valley was supposed to serve as a reminder of what The O.C. wasn't. In hindsight, though, The Valley couldn't be much worse than The O.C.'s second season. So, we'll take it!

Your turn! Which fake TV shows from real TV shows do you wish were actual TV shows?

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