In Defense of Cougar Town

Allow me to channel Jerry Seinfeld for a moment: What's the deal with everyone taking Cougar Town so seriously? I'm sick of critics searching for non-existent female empowerment and insulting the immature humor on this new sitcom. Courteney Cox & Co. aren't exactly trying to lead the proverbial pack when it comes to making grandiose feminist political statements. Theirs is a show about a silly, horny, fictional "older" woman who gets herself into semi-amusing situations. It's not supposed to be award-winning television. It's just supposed to be entertaining.

Sure, some of the jokes are kinda dumb, but some of them aren't. The whole cast is talented, and at the very least, the show lets its actors flaunt their superb comedic timing. Bobby (Brian Van Holt) regularly steals scenes with his brain-dead facial expressions and unnecessary acronyms (G.A.C.: guilty as charged)—unless Ellie (Christa Miller-Lawrence) hits an unsuspecting victim with one of her signature insults or Laurie (Busy Phillips) bounces in, boobs first, with an awesomely mundane comment.

None of the characters are believable, but they're not supposed to be. They're caricatures. Stereotypes, even. So where's the harm in laughing at 'em? It doesn't mean you're stupid or immature. It just means you like to laugh. And you can always re-watch a few episodes of The Wire to even things out. Whatever makes you feel better.

Cougar Town airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm on ABC.

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