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In Memoriam: Remembers the Shows We Lost in 2011 (VIDEO)

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As is the case with any year, 2011 brought with it many beginnings and endings. In the world of television, this meant the start of some fantastic new series and the end of some old favorites. And so it's only fitting that we pay our respects to those shows we've loved and lost (as well as to a few we were happy to see go). Here's our video tribute to the shows we said goodbye to this year.

Fare thee well, old friends. You will be missed. Some of you more than others.

UPDATE: We'll all have to pour out a glass of white wine for Bored to Death and down a can of Rasta Monster for How to Make It in America; they were canceled after we finished this year's video. Oh, and add Hung to the list at the end.

Which recently deceased show will you miss the most in 2012?

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