In Other News... Channel 4 Orders More Friday Night Dinner

...Usually we have to wait until the end of a series to see if it’s been renewed, but Friday Night Dinner has been feeding Channel 4 such a healthy serving of viewers that the broadcaster’s already decided to order second helpings.[Press release]

...Channel 4 haven’t stopped there. Oh no. The broadcaster’s also decided to stop doing list shows (like the 100 Greatest Toys) in favour of more original comedies. Sorry former Big Brother contestants, you’ll have to get proper jobs now. [The Guardian]

...Are you ready for the most unlikely TV casting in history? Jennifer Garner is going to play Miss Marple in a “contemporary” film remake of the British show. That’s one way of putting it, eh? [STV]

...BBC2 is guilty of ordering another season of Silk. The legal drama will be back for another six-part season next year. Court adjourned. [The Guardian]

...Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is going live this Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day. Not the most natural of pairings, but hey! It’s for charity. If you’ve ever wondered what David Walliams or Olly Murs’ mums look like then this is the show for you! [What’s On TV]

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Apr 01, 2011
Excellent I am really enjoying Friday Night Dinner, the pranks with salt are so juvenile but they make me laugh every time, good stuff Channel 4 it's soooo much better than BBC2's similar but massively unfunny Grandmas House.

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