Inbetweeners Stars Line Up for BBC3

If you like The Inbetweeners you're going love BBC3's autumn schedule. The line-up, announced today, includes an entertainment show hosted by lead actor Simon Bird and a comedy show starring his co-star Blake Harrison.

Bird, who plays Will in the E4 comedy, will host a panel show that quizzes the leadership skills of celebrities. The King is Dead asks guests (through a series of ludicrous questions) to explain why, if an important figure passes away, we should trust them to take over. With Louis Walsh, Eamonn Holmes and James Corden already lined up we can't stress how relived we are that the show's just for "fun".

Harrison (who plays Neil) also plans to amuse us, as he stars alongside Being Human's Russell Tovey and Roman's Empire actor Sarah Solemani in a "warts-and-all" comedy about a lazy 20-something couple, called Him & Her. Hardly an original concept, we know, but the cast list shows some promise at least.

Other shows to note on the BBC3's autumn schedule include a Glaswegian-based lesbian drama (starring Hollyoaks' Roxanne McKee and A Knight's Tale's Laura Fraser) and renewed series Ideal, How Not to Live Your Life and Russell Howard's Good News. We won't list them all, but if you're interested the full list can be found on BBC Three's website.

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