Interview with a Devil (or, You Know, Ray Wise)

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Speak of the Devil! No, seriously. Ray Wise brilliantly plays the Devil on the out-of-this-world CW comedy Reaper and I recently got to chat with him one-on-one which, you might imagine, was a little bit intimidating at first. I mean, he's a scary dude! But once we got talking it was clear that Ray Wise himself is just a nice, not-demonic man...

Best of all, though, he's made up a word to describe the genre in which Reaper probably belongs: horramedy! That's horror + drama + comedy. I dig it.

It was a fun conversation with the guy who plays one of my favorite characters on TV right now. Check it out. . . .

Buzz: It seems like you have a lot of fun playing the Devil.

Ray Wise: Oh yeah, I have the most fun.

Buzz: Do you base your performance of the Devil on anything or anyone in particular?

Ray Wise: (chuckling) No. No, I'm very steeped in the mythology of the Devil, and I've seen all the great Devils in the movies...There have been a number of great Devils, good ones, ones that I've enjoyed--and all different... But mine, I think, is probably more different than any of them in that there’s a certain charm to my Devil... and also the sense of humor is increased in my Devil, and plus, you know, he's resplendent he likes to wear nicely tailored suits and ties and he takes very good care of himself...

For the rest of this interview, head over to For more Ray Wise, check out's previous interview with the actor.

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