Interview with Christopher Titus What's your first acting job, Christopher Titus?

Christopher Titus: Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Oh my god. Why do I know that?

Christopher Titus: Because it was a movie, a campy kind of horror movie that was made in the '80s. What television role past or present would you love to--aside from the one you're doing now, would you love to sink your teeth into?

Christopher Titus: What television role would I love to sink my teeth into? You know, honestly I would love to play Hugh Laurie, his role in House. Like, that's such a great role. He's such a great actor. I love that show. Like, my girlfriend got me totally addicted to that show. Is Rachel your girlfriend?

Christopher Titus: Yes, Rachel. Yes, my girl. Have you ever turned down a role that you have regretted?

Christopher Titus: No. I'm really, like, once I read it, if it's wrong and I know I can't do it, I call my agent or my manager and I say, "I'm not doing this." I have never done that. I have never--like, when I see someone do it well, even if it's something I already read, I just go, "That was the guy that was supposed to do it. I would not have done it like that." I saw--I was watching part of the press briefing from the little affiliates room, and I noticed that you're like, "I don't want to ever--I don't want to talk on the record ever again." I'm with, so I'm not a hard-hitting journalist at all. We're strictly entertainment. But just for fans of television, give us a taste of what it's like to basically have to face the TV critics.

Christopher Titus: It's basically like a bunch of people that are actually judging every word you say at every moment. And not like they're judging it like your mom or your dad, but they're going to write it down and then put it out to millions of people. And I got--today I was like, "I'm talking crap of my new show again, and it's going to go out to a billion people and I'm an idiot." And it got really clear that I was an idiot. And that's why I begged Dylan McDermott and Michael Vartan and Josh Malina to help me stop. Please, stop me. People have a tendency to let me talk until I say something stupid. And I wish they would stop me before I said something stupid. Now. Perfect. Nice job. Nice job. That's the interview. Very good.

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