Interview with Maven

The finale of Surreal Life 6 is headed your way, and it's sure to be a doozy. This season features Sherman Hemsley dancing with transsexual Alexis Arquette, Florence Henderson going head-to-head with Playboy hottie Andrea Lowell, and Tawny Kitaen rocking the world of Poison guitarist C.C. Deville.

Last week, we spoke with Andrea. This week, we catch up with Maven and grill him about what it's like being part of a reality show, if he wants to get back to the wrestling ring, and what his future holds.

Catch Maven and the gang this Sunday, May 14, on VH1. Tune in and witness, in true Surreal Life tradition, digitized footage of Tawny Kitaen skinny-dipping! Are you excited for this Sunday's finale, or is it old hat to you because you guys filmed so long ago?

Maven: It's pretty much that! [laughs] It happened so long ago it's like "whatever." So are you a part of the all-star Surreal Life series?

Maven: They had contacted me to do some stuff but... You'd had enough?

Maven: Exactly! Besides, I don't know if I was enough drama to be on the Surreal Life All-Stars. Was doing this show much different than wrestling?

Maven: It was, you know. I mean people got to see a different side of Maven. Not just the character maven, they got to see Maven on many different levels. It was lot of fun to be honest. It was quite different experience, to say the least! [laughs] Was it bothersome or uncomfortable having cameras film you 24/7?

Maven: No, I'd done it before. I did a show called Tough Enough a long time ago, and that was actually even longer to film--nine weeks! Surreal Life was only 11 days, so it was easy. How do you prepare for constant scrutiny?

Maven: You just gotta deal with it. You get used to going to the bathroom, because that's the only place they won't take the cameras. It's the only place you can relax. Did you get razzed by your wrestling friends for doing the show?

Maven: [laughing] Oh yeah, of course, wrestling friends, regular friends...then they watch the show and they're the ones calling me up saying "Oh that's cool, that was a fun episode!" But yeah, there was definitely some good-natured ribbing going on. Was it weird living with Sherman Hemsley and Florence Henderson?

Maven: Oh yeah, I grew up with those guys! It was so weird being in the same room with George Jefferson and Carol Brady, because I grew up watching them. Did you have any beefs with anybody?

Maven: No. You know I pride myself on being as easy to get along with as anybody. It was an easy house to be in, it really was. You tried to stay out of the drama?

Maven: And crazy enough, there was really no drama involved being in there. Had you ever seen any previous seasons of Surreal Life?

Maven: The only one season I watched was the one with Jose Canseco, I am a big sports fan. Did you have a favorite task?

Maven: Crazy enough, the day we had to dress up like rock stars and perform at the Key Club, because that wasn't something you get to do every day. I think that is the allure of the Surreal Life, putting people who have different traits who are from different walks of life, and taking them out of their element and making them do something different. It was one of the highlights for me, anyway. Were there any moments that you didn't realize were going to be caught on camera, and then you saw later and were embarrased by?

Maven: No, not one. Like I said, it wasn't my first rodeo, I was well aware the cameras were rolling every second. When you do reality TV, you have to assume that every second you're doing anything, the cameras are there. Would you do it again?

Maven: [laughing] I've learned never to say never. I left saying I would never do reality TV again, but of course if the right offer came up, then I probably would. Do people recognize you more now than before?

Maven: You know what? Yes! People already knew me from wrestling, but a lot of different types of people come up to me from this show, it's pretty crazy! Do you have any one silly moment from the show that stood out from the rest?

Maven: [laughing] The whole damn show was just one big gigantic silly moment! I guess working with Alexis Arquette on a daily basis, because she was crazy, in a good way! Just a laugh a minute, a riot! What's on the horizon for Maven?

Maven: I am contemplating making the move out to LA full time. You know, like anyone who wants a career in showbiz. Maybe I'll chase the dream, pursue some acting. I just never want to get to the age where I have regrets and am saying "Well, what if?" Best of luck to you, Maven. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to

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May 15, 2006
I loved Maven on Tough Enough and he seemed like a really cool guy on both shows. Not to mention very sexy.
May 13, 2006
I thought maven was cool on the show. Florence and Sherman are my favorites just like maven said. I grew up watching them and to that after all these years they are still worth wacthing and laughing with.
May 13, 2006
sounds like a surreally nice guy.