Introducing the Mailbag: Send Us Your Questions about the New Fall Season, or (Mostly) Anything Else

We here at really enjoy hearing from you folks. And although the comment sections and our ever-growing number of community pages offer you the opportunity to get in touch with members of the staff with all your burning questions—TV-related ones, of course; please see your doctor about that other thing—there's still at least one more way for us to communicate. As a result, I'll be curating the brand-new Mailbag. 

The concept is pretty self-explanatory. We've created a separate e-mail account for all of your queries and theories (, and would love it if you sent things our way, starting RIGHT NOW. You can also send questions via Twitter; my personal account is @corybarker, and you can obviously shoot them to the official @tvdotcom handle as well. 

In general, there's no TV-related question or idea that we're opposed to answering or discussing. Got questions about ratings? Send 'em in. A grand theory about why Beauty in the Beast is actually an allegory about America's involvement in Syria? I'd love to hear it. 

Ideally, we'll have some sort of guiding theme or topic each time we do one of these suckers. So, for the first mailbag, it seems only natural to focus on the new fall TV season. You can ask whatever you want, but in case you need a little helping hand this first time, there it is. 

Okay, sound good? The mailbag is open as we speak. We're hoping to have some initial answers for you in a couple of weeks, so submit those Qs, y'all.

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