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Is ABC Remaking Alias Already?

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... According to my personal wealth of knowledge, ABC's Alias ended its run in 2006. But for ABC, that's apparently long enough to start talking about remaking it. E! is reporting that early talks are happening within the network to reboot the series in an attempt to keep something J.J. Abrams related on ABC. The new version would be more of a second take on the series, with new characters and a new storyline. And no stupid stuff about a dumb prophecy. If this goes through, we can expect a remake of Lost any day now. [E! Online]

... Lost has become the most illegally downloaded show over a 20-hour period, with 900,000 torrents of the series finale zipping through the tubes of the internet. The episode is expected to eclipse four million thefts by week's end, but still has a way to go to beat the all-time record, which belongs to... Heroes? That's like carjacking a Hyundai! [Mobile Computing News]

... The UK's almost-a-teen-porno Skins, which is already being remade for the United States, will also become a movie. Because we can never have too many topless teens having sex and doing drugs. [The Guardian]

... Disney is killing off its frothy cable venture SoapNet to make way for another channel aimed at preschoolers. Disney Junior will launch in 2012, further proof that the Mayans were right. [NY Times]

... American Idol said goodbye to Simon Cowell and its prime last night, with its lowest-rated finale EVER. Only 24.2 million tuned in? It only got an 8.2 rating? That's totally weak. It's a wonder the show is still on the air. [The Live Feed]

... Hulk Hogan is suing Cocoa Pebbles because the delicious chocolatey cereal totally ripped him off and made a character that looks exactly like him to sell the scrumptious breakfast food to tots. Dude, I would pay to be associated with Cocoa Puffs. Wait, how is this related to TV exactly? Don't ask me, I don't work here. [AdWeek]

... And just because, here's a trailer for the coolest movie ever, Iron Baby:

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