Is Anyone Still Watching
Detroit 1-8-7?

Things are not looking good for my not-so-secret favorite new show. Last night’s episode of Detroit 1-8-7 pulled in only 5 million viewers—its lowest of the season. But I thought the episode was as solid as ever. Am I the only one who's still watching this terrific show?

Because I shouldn't be. Here are five reasons to add Detroit 1-8-7 to your Tuesday-night TV-watching lineup:

1. Michael Imperioli
Even though his Detroit 1-8-7 character, Detective Louis Fitch, is on the opposite side of the law from The Sopranos' Christopher Moltisanti, Imperioli is no less compelling. Fitch is a great cop and a “fascinatingly odd” man, the details of whom we’re learning bit by tiny bit.

2. The music
Detroit best known for Motown—but Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Eminem, the White Stripes, and Kid Rock also got their starts in Motor City. Detroit 1-8-7 is well aware of the Detroit’s musical history, and incorporates several local tunes into each episode.

3. The dynamic cop duos
I’m not just talking about Longford (James McDaniel) and Mahajan (Shaun Majumder), though those two seem like they’ve been friends for 20 years. There’s also the veteran-new recruit pairing of Fitch and Washington (Jon Michael Hill) and the URSTy Stone (D.J. Cotrona) and Sanchez (Natalie Martinez).

4. The slow release of information
Instead of telling us right away that Fitch is divorced and has a son named Bobby, Detroit 1-8-7 first let on that he was lonely. Then we saw him warm up to Washington’s infant son. After that, a few of the cops caught a glimpse of a photo in his wallet. Finally, he uttered Bobby’s name—while on the phone with his ex-wife.

5. The imperfections
Cops screw up in real life—and so do the cops on this show. They can’t run as fast as the men they’re chasing, they fumble with their handcuffs, they screw up interrogations, and they are not at all eloquent during press conferences. They’re also enforcing the law in a run-down, high-crime city—and Detroit 1-8-7 takes care not to cover up even the least-flattering shots of Detroit.

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