Is Bachelor's Melissa going Dancing?

Although the whirlwind relationship between The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft and Jason Mesnick was over in the blink of a television eye, someone has already caught her on the rebound. Rycroft was at the center of one of reality television's most shocking breakups just last week, and may now be headed for another ABC reality program this week.

According to Access Hollywood, Rycroft has been selected as a replacement for injured Dancing with the Stars contestant and Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell.

Pain was at the heart of Rycroft's recent fame, as she was selected as the winner of this year's The Bachelor, only to be dumped on television for the runner-up during the post-finale Bachelor special. Ouch.

Rycroft will be dancing with Tony Dovolani instead of O'Dell, who was officially pulled from the show last week because of a torn meniscus in her knee. Singer Jewel was also forced to leave the program with fractures in both her tibias; Girls Next Door star and former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison has been rumored to be her replacement.

Rycroft will have a disadvantage going into the competition as she's had considerably less time to train and prepare her cha chas, but being a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, she may already have the skill set needed to two-step.

ABC has not yet officially announced the two replacements for the injured stars, but will reveal them tonight during the season premiere.

Is Rycroft an upgrade over O'Dell, or do you think this reality star already had her 15 minutes of fame? And the smart money says that she ends up hooking up with her partner… no recently heartbroken woman can resist a smooth-stepping dancing pro!

[UPDATE] Yup! She sure is! And she scored the second highest point total in her debut, despite only a few days to prepare.

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