Is Deb Going to Find Out About Dexter?

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I was having a drink with a friend the other night, talking shop, and the subject of Dexter came up. And she had a really good theory—one I think might have begun to prove true in last night's episode. Basically, she thinks this: Deb is going to find out that Dexter's hobbies include not only deep sea fishing and blood conferences, but also murdering people. This season has definitely been about family—can Dex juggle both his killing and his kin?—but so far we've kind of been told to think that it's about Rita and the kids. But what if the real family that's in jeopardy is his relationship with his sister?

It would be a surprising but fitting twist. Deb has been leading toward something Big all season, with a lover killed and an enormous case getting traction. And there's her research into her father's past, which the writers have been careful to remind us of, including during several scenes last night. Dexter has been kind of giving her the short shrift this season, tending more and more thoroughly to his wife and children (and his bloody hobby), leaving his grieving sister to seek solace in her work. Deb finding out about Dex would be a poetic way to bring them back together, in the warped and worrying and grimly funny kind of poetry that this show traffics in. So Sarah? I agree with you. Deb's totally going to find out.

What do you think? Is that the big bang the season's been leading to? Would the writers dispense of the show's biggest secret just like that?

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