Is Five Hours of a Lost Goodbye Too Much?

... ABC will say goodbye to Lost with FIVE HOURS OF PROGRAMMING OMG! In addition to the two-hour finale, there will be a pre-finale two-hour recap show and a one-hour post-finale special hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and featuring cast members and producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Five hours!? That's like two Avatars! [The Wrap]

... Comedy Central has renewed Web funnies Tosh.0 for a third season, so it's not time to throw away that kitten and camcorder just yet. [Comedy Central]

... TLC's pact with the Devil continues. The channel--which is about... well, I don't know what TLC is about anymore actually--is rolling out a new Kate Gosselin show called Twist of Kate (ha ha! good one!). In the program, Kate will help mentor troubled women. Kate's advice: have an indestructible vagina and no sense of shame. [USA Today]

... In Soviet Russia, Mother meets you! Russian network CTC is working on a deal to localize How I Met Your Mother for its territory. This comes after a pact to remake Prison Break for its audiences. In the latter, the Russian versions of Lincoln and Michael will attempt to break out of prison in Season One and spend the rest of the series trying to break back in, where it's safer and they get three squares a day. Cold War jokes never get old. [Variety]

... The success of Jersey Shore is spawning more racist reality shows. We've already seen casting calls for Asian-Americans and Chicago southsiders, and can add Persian-Americans to the list. Cologne stocks went through the roof on the announcement. [Associated Press]

... My girlfriend Lizzy Caplan (shhh, she doesn't know we're together yet. It's a surprise!) has landed a role on CBS' upcoming comedy pilot True Love, joining Jason Biggs, Minka Kelly, and Tyler Labine. Minka Kelly and Lizzy Caplan in the same show? My pants just exploded. [THR]

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