Is FX's American Horror Story Poised to Be Freakiest Show Ever?

How does Ryan Murphy, creator of the kinky and twisted Nip/Tuck, follow-up his current hit, the saccharine singing sensation Glee? Duh. With gallons of fake blood and visions that would make butchers wince.

Murphy has returned to his demented roots with American Horror Story, a psycho-sexual horror series on FX that's set to debut during the so-called scariest month of the year, October. The lid had been kept so tightly on the project that when it was finally taken off last night during a screening for critics, everyone's faces melted like the opening of the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Between the slack-jawed reports of the pilot and the images FX released today, American Horror Story sounds like the series that's going to generate heated discussion, make Twitter explode with the force of a 10-ton bomb, and rouse the rabble of conservative groups all over.

Here's what we now about the series: a family already on the rocks–because of the husband's infidelity and the wife's traumatic miscarriage–buys an L.A.-area house that previously hosted multiple murders and is (probably) haunted, according to EW's Ken Tucker. Sounds pretty whatev, right? Well soon, blood starts running down the walls, the husband's psychiatric clients start doing that Jacob's Ladder head-shaking thing, husband and wife have rough, bondage sex, and everyone in the house starts seeing disturbing visions, including a maid that alternates between sweet old lady and voluptuous whore. NPR's Linda Holmes makes references to "demon-y looking things" and "creepy things in jars." NY Magazine's Kyle Buchanan says star Dylan McDermott's bare ass should be given its own acting credit as it's on screen enough for one. But everyone agrees that it's batsh*t insane and moves at a break-neck pace that might be tough to sustain.

Is it a fetishist's and horror fan's dream or a lesson in absent-minded sensationalism? Right now it appears to be both, as early opinions on American Horror Story are split right down the middle. One thing's for sure though: everyone will have something to say on the project when it debuts later this year.

Here are some of the photos FX released today:

[UPDATE] FX has released this teaser, and it is indeed fuh-reaky.

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