Is Gossip Girl's Cast Outgrowing the Show?

Is the end of Gossip Girl near? Earlier this week, Ed Westwick, who plays the conniving Chuck Bass on the CW show, told British Magazine Tatler (umm... spell check, guys) that he isn't connected to his character anymore and is ready to move on to something else.

Imagine going into work and pretending to be someone you don't want to be every day. That's got to suck. Aside from the thousands of dollars he's making, the lines he skips to get into hot clubs, and the flocks of hot women who are likely pounding on his door, I feel for poor old Ed and the rest of the Gossip Girl cast. The show may have made them famous, but their celebrity has eclipsed the program that's not even pulling in a 1.0 adult demo rating.

Westwick isn't the only Gossiper publicly talking about moving on. Leighton Meester, who plays Blair Waldorf, recently said she would be leaving the show in two years, pretty much the moment her contract expires. And why not? The second she's a free agent on the market, she'll be able to take on much more high-profile work. She's got a movie (The Roommate) opening soon, she makes a ton of cash in endorsements, and she's one of Hollywood's hot young hotties. If anything, her Gossip Girl contract is weighing her down.

Both Westwick and Meester would like to strike while the iron is hot, and right now it's smoking. Of course they want to leave now, while their stock is high; lots of things can change in two years.

But should either Meester or Westwick be so vocal about wanting to get out sooner rather than later? They haven't even attempted to mask their intentions, and have both made statements as though they've already mentally checked out. If they really want out, they can take the Taylor Momsen route and just start acting all freaky; they'll be written out of the show quickly and painlessly.

Heck, even the show's creators are focusing less on Gossip Girl. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the creators and executive producers, have several new projects in the works at various networks.

The future of Gossip Girl is way up in the air, but it seems as though the cast has outgrown the show and is ready to move on. In the end, the legacy of Gossip Girl won't be what happened on the screen, it will be the stars it launched. And right now those stars are stuck.

Can you think of a way to make everyone happy, including the fans? Should Gossip Girl just set an early end date?

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