Is Greek a Little Disappointing This Season?

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I hate to say it because I really love this show, but is something a little off about the current season of Greek? I was taking the subway home from a little viewing party in Brooklyn last night when my riding companion said that she was just a little underwhelmed or disappointed with all that's happening so far. Now we're only three episodes in so I'm willing to give it more time before I pass final judgment, but I kinda knew what she meant.

Obviously the show's nuclear core is the whole Cappie-Casey-Evan-Whoever Else rhombus. Without it, our giddy little hearts would wither and die. But hasn't it all gotten, this many merry-go-rounds in, a little bit stale? Producers have said that by season's end Casey will be in a committed, stable relationship with either Cappie or (gasp!) Evan, so we've that whole unfolding to look forward to. But, again, might that plotline all feel a little familiar? I think the writers need to distance themselves from that whole storyline for a while. Give Evan some bohemian chick love interest. Let Cappie form a bromance (ughhh... that word!) with a guy who is secretly gay and has a crush on Cappie and they're really close and then Young Americans-esque awkwardness ensues. Not that Cappie would actually date the guy, but a plot line like that could at least get him away from his girl-chasing, frat-drinkin', scheme-hatching tropes for awhile.

Also, as my friend pointed out last night, I know that with the departure of Frannie the show has been suffering from a bitch-vacuum, but cruelly stop-lossing the newly redeemed Rebbecca back into that role just seems like too much of a retread. Maybe someone in Pan Helenic will eventually emerge as the real villain this season, leaving Rebbecca mostly off the hook, but right now I'm not really digging her Hester Prynne stuff. (Unless it leads her back to Evan, which could be interesting.) Rusty and his little bebanged girlfriend are a fine enough story, even though they do look creepily like siblings. Calvin and Hot Roommate, fine. Ashley and Sadness, wish it hadn't gone that way, but OK. None of them are thrilling developments, really.

I dunno. The season just seems a bit blah so far. Still a great show, but not living up to its full potential. What do you think? Am I (and my friends) totally off base?

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