Is It Time For Peep Show To Grow Up?

Something spectacular is finally happening to the Peep Show layabouts. After six years of squandered experiences, the chalk-and-cheese flatmates are welcoming a new baby into the world (this Friday at 10pm on Channel 4). Some of you may have already seen the online preview, but for those of you that haven’t let us reassure you: this won’t stop them being so amusingly irresponsible.

No matter what challenge is thrown at them, Mark (David Mitchell) and Jez (Robert Webb) will always mess it up; that’s their charm. Take their last sighting, for instance: at the end of season six Sophie (Olivia Colman) was forced to drive herself to the maternity ward after father-to-be Mark kept stalling the car (he failed to pass his driving test, then lied about it) and drunk friend Jez almost crashed it.

Instinctively, the thought of the same incompetent buffoons helping at the birth is concerningly enjoyable. And that’s exactly where the seventh season starts: the friends make it to the hospital ahead of the baby’s arrival, but Mark’s first dilemma is over what packet of crisps he should buy while he waits--and he doesn’t get any more helpful.

The debut is, as usual, packed full of great one-liners; the hospital’s ripe for such remarks. In it Mark compares a cesarean section to Guantanamo Bay while Jez gets the terms peadophobe and paedophile mixed up.

For existing fans, the return of the BAFTA-winning comedy won’t disappoint. Judging by season seven’s first few episodes the new run will be just as funny. Of all the seasons, however, this probably is the hardest for newcomers to follow. Prior knowledge about the characters’ relationships is assumed, meaning that some story arcs may be initially confusing. Thankfully, 4OD has all Peep Show’s previous episodes stored up online if you wanted to watch them in advance.

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Feb 07, 2011
Best show ever made.
Dec 09, 2010
Can't find any episode info for season 7.

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