Is Josh Schwartz a Good Fit for a U.S. Version of Misfits?

Gossip Girl and Chuck creator Josh Schwartz can basically get anything on TV. He’s earned it. And according to Vulture, what he wants to make next is a remake of British sci-fi dramedy Misfits, which has already earned a loyal U.S. following on Hulu. Schwartz is so invested in the idea, in fact, that he’s writing the pilot script on spec, without a studio or network attached.

Someone is going to buy it: It’s a show about a group of juvenile delinquents who get hit by lightning while doing community service and develop superpowers, including mind-reading, invisibility, turning back time, immortality, and self-cloning. So basically, it’s Skins meets Heroes. That is definitely a TV recipe for keeping me away (and watching the pilot confirmed my suspicions), but if there was an audience for Skins on MTV, I suppose there could be an audience for this, too. (Twentieth Century Fox is certainly betting on it: The studio's upcoming feature film, Chronicle, is about a group of brahs who develop three of the same superpowers after encountering a "mysterious substance in the woods." Watch the trailer here to compare-and-contrast.) Last November, The Guardian called Misfits' second season “preposterous...scary...still funny, and jarringly shocking. It rolls around joyously in its own filth. All that and great music, too. One can only imagine how bad the inevitable American version will be.” Soon, one won’t need to; one is about to find out!

Watch the pilot episode and tell us what you think.

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