Is McDreamy Leaving Grey's Anatomy?

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... Actor Patrick Dempsey, who will always be that guy from Can't Buy Me Love who turned the mating ritual of an anteater into a high school dance craze, told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that the next season of Grey's Anatomy will be his last. Dempsey, who plays Dr. McDreamy or Dr. McSteamy or Dr. McScreamy (who can keep track?), later clarified that his words were taken out of context and that he was simply talking about next season being the last one on his contract. But is that the truth or is that damage control? This is why I never talk to Italian magazines, no matter how many interviews they requests. I don't want a repeat of what happened with Italian Cat Fancy; my cat is still mad about that one. [EW]

... NBC has the airing rights to Super Bowl this season (if there IS a season, that is), and thus gets to choose which of its shows will air in the valuable post-game slot. Will it be the show about the man with the magical cape? Nope, that got canceled. How about the one about that old lawyer who works out of an inner-city shoe shop? No? Okay, then how about The Voice, since it's this season's biggest new show? Okay, I guess that will work, too. [THR]

... Law & Order veteran and TD Waterhouse pitchman Sam Waterson is moving on to HBO's More As the Story Develops, the cable-news drama from Aaron Sorkin. He'll play the boss of star Jeff Daniels, a cable news show host. This is good casting. [TV Line]

... V star Morena Baccarin, the head turner who is responsible for several comical bicycling accidents involving males, has lined up her next job. She'll be a regular on Showtime's Homeland, where she'll play the wife of a Prisoner of War who returns home and is suspected of being a converted terrorist. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CBS has resolved two of its Criminal Minds casting conundrums, retaining Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss) and letting newcomer Rachel Nichols (Ashley Seaver) go. Brewster was involved in a pilot (NBC's My Life as an Experiment) that wasn't picked up, allowing her to return to Criminal Minds. With Brewster and fan favorite A.J. Cook returning next season, there wasn't any space left for Nichols. [Deadline Hollywood]

... A man threatened to blow up New York TV station WPIX-11 because it was showing reruns of Two and a Half Men. And for some reason, the cops arrested him! [NY Post]

... Syfy has renewed Ghost Hunters for an eighth season, which doesn't make sense because these guys have spent eight years hunting ghosts and haven't even found one yet. [EW]

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